Sincere’s Story of Foster Care and Adoption

At the age of 5, Sincere was placed in foster care. By the time he was 15, he had already lived in 27 different foster homes. Constantly moving around left Sincere feeling unsure and unwanted as many of the homes he lived in were not a good fit. Finally, after a decade of wondering if he would ever know the security of a forever family, he was connected with Mike.

For Mike, the decision to become a licensed foster parent was easy. He saw the need in his community and wanted to help teenagers who were waiting for loving homes.

Mike says the care provided by Judson Center has made his journey of welcoming teens into his home possible. He says, “I appreciate being able to reach out to somebody and having them respond when we need help.”

Since Sincere came to stay with Mike, the whole family has received support from Judson Center every step of the way. When it became clear Sincere had finally found a forever family, the staff joyfully helped them through the adoption process.

Reflecting on his journey, Sincere says, “Judson Center really did care about where I was going and what my future would be like.”

And, thanks to the love and care he has received, Sincere’s future is looking brighter than ever.

As he states with a smile, “I’m here now for good.”

Story: Sincere