Charlene’s Story of Disability Care

Charlene was born legally blind and hard of hearing. From a young age, it was difficult to navigate a world built for those without disabilities. She often struggled to find her place and feel secure. But, she’s never let her challenges hold her back.

Charlene wants to contribute and be independent. That’s why 13 years ago she reached out to Judson Center’s Disability Services to received job training as part of their Vocational Program. In her own words, “Being independent makes me feel grown up, and a job makes me feel responsible.”

Not only has Charlene made friends and gained confidence thanks to Judson Center, she’s also gained the skills she needs to work independently in the community. She is proud of the work she does at her retail job where she is known as a reliable employee who is always there to lend a helping hand.

Now Charlene is thriving more than ever. She attributes much of her achievement to her Job Coach, John, and the other caring staff in the program. But, as anyone who knows Charlene will tell you, she’s made great progress because she’s motivated and wants to use her skills to help others. When she isn’t stocking shelves or helping customers, she’s spreading her positive attitude as a volunteer at a local hospital.

When asked what she would say to other adults with disabilities looking for work, Charlene adds, “I would encourage people with special needs to go to Judson Center for help when they need to get a job. They have helped me learn to thrive with my disability.”

Story: Charlene