Garryn’s Story of Disability Care

When Katherine was three months pregnant, she learned her child would be born with Down Syndrome. She had no idea what the journey would look like but knew from the beginning that her child would be special. Looking lovingly at her 10-year-old daughter, Garryn, Katherine says, “She is a blessing.”

As a single mother, Katherine was committed to supporting Garryn, but struggled with being a full-time caregiver to a child with special needs. She realized that she needed help. But not just any kind of help – she needed expert assistance.

After doing some research, Katherine discovered that Judson Center offers respite care for children with disabilities. Lasher Children’s Respite Home soon became a home away from home for Garryn.

As the only home of its kind in Oakland County that is dedicated to serving children with disabilities, Lahser Children’s Respite Home is truly a special place. Katherine recalls the incredible care provided by staff like Maria and April. As she and Garryn know all too well: “The home is special because of the people who are there.”

While Garryn enjoys socializing and being cared for by highly trained and compassionate staff, Katherine can have much-needed personal time. She says, “Respite care has helped me be a better mother because it gives me a chance to recharge. It allows me to take a break from being “mom” so that when I am “mom” again I can be more present.”

Story: Garryn