R.J.’s Story of Foster Care and Reunification

At 8 weeks old, R.J. was removed from his home and placed in foster care. Shocked and scared, his parents, Ebony and Robert, prepared to meet the couple who would be caring for their child.

As licensed foster parents, Allyson and Jonathan stepped up to temporarily care for R.J. until he could return home. They encouraged Ebony and Robert while caring for R.J. and remained in close contact, often sending pictures and updates to help keep them connected to their son.

As Allyson explains, “Foster care is and should be about more than just the children in your home. It should also be about building up the parents and strengthening the families.”

Ebony and Robert completed their case plan and with the help of Judson Center, and Allyson and Jonathan, were reunited with R.J. Ebony is extraordinarily thankful for the help she and Robert received saying, “Allyson and Jonathan took him in as their own child and they loved him and cared for him just as we would.”

Thanks to Judson Center’s foster care and family reunification efforts, R.J. has not just two loving parents, but a whole bonus family to support him as he grows up.

Story: R.J. and Family