Lea’s Story of Integrated Health Care

Lea is no stranger to rehab and treatment centers. Her 17-year battle with substance use disorder took her to over 100 different facilities. Held captive by her addictions, and struggling through homelessness and illness, Lea had truly lost hope.

After connecting with Judson Center’s Integrated Care staff, Lea began her long journey of recovery. When asked where she would be without Judson Center she says, “If I was lucky, I’d be addicted and incarcerated. And if not, without Judson Center, I know I wouldn’t be here today.”

In her time at Judson Center, Lea has utilized every health service offered from primary care and psychiatric services to substance use disorder services and medication-assisted treatment. She attributes a lot of her success to Liz, Michelle, and her care team at Judson Center’s Integrated Health program. She says, “They are the only caregivers who have cared about me – not just about my recovery – but about me as a human being, genuinely.”

Together with her care team Lea was able to approach her health holistically – gaining tools to care for both her mind and her body. She says, “I have never received better care than I have at Judson Center which is why I continue to use their services. They helped save my life.” Lea is now three years clean and sober. She still attends Judson Center for support, but she’s healthy enough to take the care she’s received and offer it to others. Lea now works as a peer recovery coach, using all she’s learned and overcome to give hope to those who struggle with substance use disorders.

Story: Lea