Maranda’s Story of Integrated Health Care

Maranda first started using substances to cope when she was only 14 years old. By her early 20s, she had lost touch with her parents and found herself bound by addiction. Her relationships, health, and future were at risk. Despite wanting to get sober, she couldn’t find the help she needed.

When she tragically lost her partner, Cody, to an overdose, she knew something had to change. Although her world was shattered, she made a vow to get clean, not just for her children, but for herself.

In her time of need, Maranda turned to Judson Center. Throughout her on-and-off battle with substance use disorder, she kept returning to the caring staff for help. Each time, she received the care she desperately needed to get healthy. She was even referred to Judson Center’s Integrated Care program to get help prioritizing her physical health.

After 14 years in Judson Center’s care, Maranda says, “It feels like home. They’ve been a saving grace to me. They’ve always welcomed me with open arms regardless of my situation. It truly is a healing place.”

Now three years clean, Maranda has a hard time describing what it feels like to be free from her addictions. But not only is she free, she’s using that freedom to give hope to others. She now works in Cody’s memory and takes all she’s learned to help others who are battling addiction or mental health challenges.

Maranda is free. She’s forgiving herself. And she’s embracing the future with fresh hope.

Story: Maranda