Chasity’s Story of Mentoring Care

While Chasity was in foster care, she found herself putting up walls. To help find some stability and a positive role model, she signed up for Judson Center’s Mentoring Program. It didn’t take long for the staff to match both Chasity and her brother with caring adult mentors from the community. That’s when Chasity first met her mentor, Lori.

Lori and her husband started as mentors to try and give back. Lori says, “We got involved because it felt like there was something in our lives that was missing and we had the time. Then it turned out to be very purposeful. I think we really made a difference in her life and her brother’s life.”

Since being matched, Lori and Chasity have made countless memories together and their bond continues to grow. Lori describes Chasity as a creative, gentle soul. Part of Lori’s influence in her life has been helping her break down the emotional and relational walls she’s put up. Chasity says, “Where I lived was negative. They got me out of there to just escape it for a bit and really helped me through some tough times.”

As an artist, Chasity uses her sketchpad to help process what she’s experiencing. Lori encourages her creative pursuits and has also has helped Chasity stay connected with her family. Chasity feels grateful for all Lori has done and considers her more than just her mentor saying, “She’s like family.”

Story: Chasity